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Help your child do better with the right support.

Parenting is tough. See how talking to one of our pediatric experts regarding your child's fine motor or sensory challenges can get you the support you need now. 


What do we do

At Enabling Adaptations, caregivers can reach out to speak directly to a pediatric Therapist regarding the challenges their child is facing.  Sometimes your child just won't wear socks, has difficulty holding a pencil, can't sit still, has major meltdowns, or has trouble with toileting. These are just a few examples of struggles that can impact a child on a daily basis. Together strategies are discussed and resources provided to empower parents to feel confident in being able to help their children succeed.


What Our Goal is

This video shows what we as a company are striving to do to help parents.  We want parents and caregivers to know that they are not alone. They can reach out from wherever they are and get some support from professionals.


Online Needs Based PediatricTherapy Consultation

Pediatric Therapists are ready to support you and find the strategies you need to help your child. Learn more about how to connect with us.

                 Skootle Box                         Therapy Inspired Tools

A box delivered to your door of items appropriate for your child's needs with instructions on how to use them with your child.

Resources For Caregivers

Looking for some simple ideas or resources. Check out our links to useful parent tools.


Who We are

The Background

As an Occupational Therapist and mother of 4, I know what it is like to live a busy lives.  This model allows parents to reach out for the advice on the specific needs of their child from the comfort of wherever you are. The conversations are focused with recommendations emailed to you and the potential to have guided resources for your child delivered to your door.


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